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Terms and Conditions


Wine Tasting

The CPVS proposes wine tastings, within its structure, the House of Sancerre, or during its organized events.

The tasting of wine is exclusively reserved for adults.
Spittoons are available if desired.
Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health, consume in moderation.

Ticket reservations

The customer has a period of 14 days after their ticket reservation to use their right of retraction.


If unsatisfied with a product purchased at the House of Sancerre boutique, a standard exchange will be provided upon presentation of the receipt.

Renting of spaces



The present General Conditions of Sale apply to services related to the organization of meetings.
These General Conditions of Sale are addressed to the client at the same time as their quote, right before reservation.
Once the reservation is made, the client has accepted the totality of the present General Conditions of Sale.
In the case of contradiction between the clauses in the estimate signed by the client and those appearing in these General Conditions of Sale, the clauses specified in the estimate are applicable. In case of exceptional clauses different from those present in the General Conditions of Sale, the specific clauses will be applied.


2.1 Contract set up

The contract for the service provision related to the organization of meetings is set up and the client is legally bound to it once the quote from the House of Sancerre it dated and signed by the client, along with their company stamp, the written mention “read and approved” and a copy of the contract with every page duly initialed.

2.2 Reservation Guarantee

The quote duly dated and signed must be accompanied by an initial payment stated in article 9. Without this initial payment, the House of Sancerre does not guarantee the availability of the reserved spaces.
However, the client remains obliged to the clauses stated in the General Conditions of Sale, particularly in the terms and conditions regarding cancellation, stipulated in articles 9 and 5.


Before the event date, the client is to inform the House of Sancerre of any potential changes in the number of participants to the event. The establishment reserves the right to adapt the spaces made available, accordingly.


Any request for modification with regards to the original quote must be addressed to the service provider. In the absence of a written acceptance from the service provider in the 8 days following the request, no changes may be made to the contract.


Because the invoice is made according to the reserved services, the client is requested to pay extra attention to the cancellation conditions stated here:
The cancellation, partially or totally, of the initial reservation, must be addressed to the House of Sancerre. The change of the date of the event is a considered a partial cancellation and thus regulated by the cancellation conditions. Reducing the number of participants or reducing the duration of the event is also considered as a partial cancellation.

Total Cancellation

More than 3 days from the event
The establishment is entitled to keep the initial payment either paid or due, for compensation, amounting to 20% of the total quote.

At 3 days from the event
40% of the total quote will be invoiced for any cancellation.

Partial Cancellation
In the case of a received notification for this cancellation:

More than 3 days from the event
The establishment will keep the initial payment either paid or due, for compensation, amounting to 20% of the total quote. A new contract will be made.

At 3 days from the event, or less
The establishment will keep the initial payment either paid or due, for compensation, amounting to 20% of the total quote. A new contract will be made.


All cancellations will be invoiced 100% of the total sum.


Prices, indicated in Euros, are valid for a given period and during the given option period. The prices confirmed in the quote are blocked during one month following the date the quote was sent to the client. After this time, they are susceptible to have changed and a new quote will be made.
The prices may be modified in the event of changes in legislation or regulations that would cause variations in prices (modification of the applicable VAT, establishment of new taxes,…).


See specific conditions of the contract.


The payment terms and conditions are as follows:
Request for down payments and payment of invoices

When contract is issued
Initial payment amounting to 20% of the total estimated amount
Upon receiving the invoice
Balance payment (80 %)

The amount of initial payments is deducted from the final invoice (balance) subject to the possible application of cancellation indemnities.
Unless otherwise stated in the contract, the balance is payable upon reception of the invoice.
In the case of a disagreement on part of the invoice, the client is obliged to pay the uncontested part and indicate in writing the motive for contesting part of the invoice.
In the case of individual payments, meaning each participant pays their part, the initial payment made at the time of reservation will be returned to the client in the 8 days after receiving the total invoice amount for the event. Any unpaid sum will be deducted from the initial down payment, the balance will be returned to the client.


The House of Sancerre does not provide any services related to the transport of participants.


The House of Sancerre does not provide any services related to the accommodation of participants.


In no event shall the House of Sancerre be held liable for any damages of any nature whatsoever (in particular, fire or theft) likely to reach objects or materials dropped off by the client or participants for the event subject of the present reservation.

The clients are responsible for all their actions, in particular by participants or their guests, and engage, in case of deterioration to the space reserved, in covering the costs of restoration of the premises.
The clients are responsible for having their own insurance for property damage and public liability.
The client is encouraged to acquire a specific insurance when using large equipment or valuable goods, as the House of Sancerre will not be responsible for any deterioration or theft of these materials.


The client will make sure participants do not disturb the operations of the House of Sancerre, nor affect the safety of the establishment and the people who are there.


The obligations stated here will not be applicable or suspended if their execution becomes impossible due to a case of force majeure (act of public authority, hostilities, war, natural disaster, fire, flooding, strikes,…), as defined by the law and jurisprudence.
Each party must inform the other, as soon as possible, of their failure to execute their contractual commitments either partially or totally, in consequence to a case of force majeure.
In any case, the parties undertake to perform all measures to mitigate the effects of the failure to execute the contract due to an event of force majeure.
The party claiming the case of force majeure must notify the other as soon as possible of the start and end of this alleged event. Failing to do so will keep the party from being released from any liabilities.


This contract is subject to French law. In the event of any dispute regarding the application or interpretation of this contract, the parties agree to seek an amicable solution. Otherwise, it will be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the court of Bourges.

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