Maison des Sancerre

The 2017 vintage, such a delicacy!

Each wine is full of surprises, marked by its terroir, its vinification, its vintage… the combinations are endless!

Now that the 2017 vintage is bottled, what are its distinctive attributes?

Fabrice Doucet (SICAVAC), gives us some insight on the personality traits of the 2017 Sancerre wines.

“The white wines are very elegant. The citrus and white fruit notes are well represented. The minerality and some touches of licorice advantageously complement the ensemble. Throughout the mouth, the wines reveal a fat round body in synergism, with a pleasant freshness.

The rosés propose in general an intense pale robe. Grapefruit and blood orange notes dominate in perfect harmony with a just vivacity in the mouth. The red wines appear with a strong robe. The small red fruit notes make up the aromatic profile. The vatting and extractions, well adjusted to the characteristics of the vintage, allowed the obtention of soft and round tannins. In the end, a 2017 vintage for indulgement.

Take advantage of the Sancerre Wine Fair, next May 19th and 20th, to try the 2017 vintage wines. In a weekend, more than 400 wines from Sancerre to be tasted…

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