Maison des Sancerre

Our role

La House of Sancerre and the Caves de la Mignonne are the link between the winemakers and their clients. Serving as a meeting place, for exchanges and information on the vineyards, the House of Sancerre is the communication tool of the appellation. The actions range from the organization of the Sancerre Trail, to the traditional wine fairs and the development of wine business tourism... as well as other things that we strive to build with the goal of sharing our appellation name to an ever greater public.

After having created the Technical Center of Appellations in 1994 (a tool for the vine growers from the 7 appellations of Center-Loire), the winemakers of Sancerre decided to equip themselves with a communication tool, a showcase of the vineyard which was to reflect the atmosphere of the Appellation, its history, its women and men, all that makes Sancerre unique. In 1996, the opportunity to acquire a large building in ruins, dating from the fourteenth century and in the heart of the historic center of Sancerre, is presented. This would officially launch the "House of Sancerre" project. After long restoration work carried out with scenographers, architects and committed winemakers, the House of Sancerre opened its doors to the general public. The House of Sancerre is managed by the Sancerre Wine Promotion Committee, a communications subsidiary of the Union Sancerroise Wine Union, a defense union of the AOC Sancerre. The winemakers of the AOC Sancerre, convinced that to carry out an idea of such magnitude could only be done collectively, fully adhered to the implementation of the project and have funded 75% of it.

Opening the doors for you at our House of Sancerre, having you discover all the secrets of the appellation or experiencing memorable moments and conviviality during our events? The team at the House of Sancerre is here to serve you…

Jeremy Campy

Reception and business tourism Manager – Reference for quality tourism
He likes his Sancerre: round & oaked

Annelise Jacquin

Reception and business tourism Manager – Reference for quality tourism
She likes her Sancerre: mineral & fruity

Julie Nowak

Events Manager and in charge of the Viti-cultural season
She likes her Sancerre: red & concentrated

Agathe Cotet


Maintenance and logistics Manager for the Caves de la Mignonne and the House of Sancerre
She likes her Sancerre: dry & fruity

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